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Classic Lashes – Classic lashes are sets applied with just one lash at a time for each natural lash. The ratio is 1:1 which is also the original method of lash extension. While it is the first technique, it is still highly relevant and widely used.


Classic Hybrid – A mix of light volume with classic lashes. Takes the classic set to the next step.


Volume Hybrid – Volume lashes mixed with a few classic lashes to keep it natural. Gives a light eyeliner effect.


Mega Volume Lashes  – this style used very light weight and thin extensions to create a fuller look. Each mega volume fan uses 6 to 16 false lashes with diameters between 0.03 to 0.05mm


Volume Lashes – Super lightweight lashes that are crafted into a fan before being applied to the individual natural lashes. Giving you a dramatic look with unrivalled fullness


Classic lash sets - $140
Classic lash fills - $70 , 90 min fill $100

Classic Hybrid lash set - $160
Classic hybrid lash fills - $80, 90 min fill $110

Volume Hybrid lash set - $180
Volume hybrid fill - $90, 90 min fill $120

Volume lash set - $200
Volume fill - $100, 90 min $130

Mega Volume lash set - $250
Mega volume fill 90 min - $150


Lash Lift and Tint - $85
Lash Lift - $65



Signature Pink Facial (1 hour) - $95
Gentleman’s Facial (45 minutes) - $65
Organic Back Facial (45 minutes) - $65

Pamper yourself with any of these additional treatments to any facial and maximize your experience!

Eye or lip Treatment - $10

Foot Massage and a Mask, Intense Scalp, Hand and Foot Massage - Each treatment 15 minutes - $15




Eminence Skin Care
Eminence Skin Care

To enhance your wellness naturally through extraordinary products and extraordinary service.

Our promise is to deliver happiness and extraordinary service by providing the healthiest and most effective skin care products. We are committed to protecting the future of our planet through our green practices - We plant a tree for every product sold. 

Pink with Envy proudly supports Eminence Organic Skin Care and its products, feel free to order online by clicking the button below!


Nails & Enhancements

Natural Nails

** We never re-use a file! Each and every step of your service is sanitary with new files, disinfected tools and clean hands! **


MinMani$45 (45 Minutes)
Nail shaping, cuticle clean up followed by your choice of nail lacquer.

Signature Pink Mani - $60 (60 Minutes)
Nail shaping, cuticle clean up, Eminence Organic Sugar Scrub, Massage followed by your choice of nail lacquer.

Gel Polish Mani$42 (45 Minutes)
Nail shaping, cuticle clean up and your choice gel polish colour.


Gel Polish Mani w/ Removal of Gel - $50 (60 minutes)


Add Paraffin – $7


Nail Enhancements

Full Set Gel Nails (75-120 Minutes) - $80 +
Gel Overlay (60 Minutes) - $60 +
Rebalance (60-90 Minutes) - $60+
Nail Fix - $10+
Nail Art - $4+





Signature Pink Pedi (60 - 75 Minutes)

Foot soak, nail shaping and cuticle clean up, callus removal, mask and exfoliating scrub, massage. Followed by your choice of nail lacquer or upgrade to gel polish.
Please remove sugar scrub from services. We only offer parrafin now.

Lacquer -  $70, with gel polish - $80

Classic Pedi (45 Minutes)

Foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle clean up and your choice of either massage or callus removal, followed by your choice nail lacquer. $60 with gel polish $67

Gel Polish Pedi (55 Minutes)

Nail shaping, Cuticle Clean-up, Foot Soak

(Your choice of Gel Polish) $55

Toe Nail trim and shape (15 minutes) - $15 - with polish $25
Toe nail rebuild (15 minutes) - $15+
Paraffin or Sugar Scrub - $10

Waxing, Tinting & Lamination

Using a combination of Soft and Hard Wax

Brow lamination creates a more desirable brow shape. If your brows are unruly, flat or have  downward growing hairs, brow lamination can change the direction of the growth to create a more uniform look with a higher arch and a more desirable brow shape.

1/2 Back / Chest - $25 & Up
Full Back / Chest - $50 & Up
Bikini Regular - $35 & Up
Extended Bikini - $45

Brazilian 1st Time - $75
Brazillian Maintenance - $60
Brow tint - $15
Brow Wax & Tint - $30
Brow lamination, tint & wax - $75
Brow lamination & wax - $65
Lash tint - $30

Brows - $20
Upper Lip - $10
Brow and Lip - $19
Chin or Cheek - $10
Full Face including Brow - $50

Full Face not including Brow - $30
Nose/Ear - $15
1/2 Leg - $40 & Up
Full Leg - $70 & Up
Underarm - $25 & Up
1/2 Arm - $30
Full Arm - $50
Sideburns/Neck - $12


Brows - $12
Lip - $7
Chin or cheek - $7
Full face including brows - $40
Full face (no brows) - $30
Sideburns or neck - $12

Henna Brows - $60

A semi-permanent brow shading solution, the treatment is a natural alternative to the basic brow tint, and it gives a bit more drama to your brows. Henna brows are actually a form of brow tinting which darkens the brow hairs into the desired shade, but also stains the skin underneath them for a shaded look. It’s done by coloring the brows arches with henna, a natural colorant extracted from the henna tree. The results look like you’re wearing brow powder, but also like your brows are naturally fuller, as the henna colors all the baby hairs that aren’t visible otherwise. The look stays on for a couple of weeks, at which point it’s faded and can be refreshed.


Spray Tans



SunFX is the sunless tanning alternative, offering perfect coverage for a fast, natural looking spray tan every time.

Products include all natural spray tan solutions that are a unique combination of Organic, Natural and Hypo-Allergenic ingredients that not only deliver the perfect spray tan but build, nourish and hydrate the skin all at the same time.

$35 (30 minutes)


Before your Spray Tan …

Prior to receiving your SunFX spray-on tan we recommend you cleanse and exfoliate your entire body using an exfoliating pouf. It’s important when exfoliating that you pay particular attention to rough skin areas like knees, ankles, heels and the tops of your feet as dry areas tend to absorb tanning solution faster, which can result in an uneven looking tan. Exfoliating prior to receiving your spray tan will help greatly to eliminate the top layers of dry and dead skin and leave your skin fresh and ready for your ultimate tan. It is also best to shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to receiving your spray tan if possible.

On the day of your Spray Tan….

On the day of your spray tan we recommend that you avoid the use of deodorants, most moisturizers, perfume and make-up if possible as these may inhibit the effectiveness of the SunFX tanning solution. It’s important that you have suitable tanning attire to wear after your appointment.  We recommend that you have dark, loose fitting attire to put on after your tanning application as some minor rub off can occur after your spray tan; and whilst minor rub off will easily wash out of most fabrics, some lighter coloured materials, including leather, may stain.

​When getting your spray on sun tan you may wear as little as you like or a full bathing suit. Most people wear just a G-String but this is a personal choice. All the spray tan technicians are fully trained to operate in a discreet manner and fully respect client confidentially. If you would like to wear something more than just a G-String during the application of your tan then we suggest a bikini for women and dark shorts or swimmers for men.



Meet the Pink team!


Brandy Coull

Brandy has been a  nail technician for over 20 years and an A.C.E educator for Akzentz for 9 years. She began her journey as a salon owner over 10 years ago starting in a small space of 850 square feet with 2 employees to our current location employing 10 staff members. Through these years Brandy has battled thyroid cancer twice which is why we carry only the healthiest products for our staff and clients. Nothing stops her! Brandy loves how the nail industry is changing and growing and she looks forward to many more years with her clients and educating other fellow techs.


Currently, Brandy is NOT accepting new clients.


Rhianna Jarry


Born and raised in a small town, Rhi decided to move to Kamloops in 2011. After doing her own nails and her friends nails for fun, they all told her she should go to school and make a living from what she loves! 

Rhi has been doing nails at Pink with Envy since 2017 and most recently lashes since 2018. She loves all things glitter and the fluffiest lashes!

Currently, Rhi is NOT accepting new clients. 


Carrie Harman


Carrie has called Kamloops home for over 17 years. She has always loved art and in 2001 decided to take her Nail Technician certificate to combine nails with her love for art. After taking a few years off from the industry, she started at Pink With Envy in November 2017. Carries always up for a challenge when it comes to hand painted nail art!




Nancy came to Kamloops in 2012 from Vancouver. She decided to take the lash program in 2017 and see where it takes her. She ended up finding a new love and a lash artist was born.  She says even though  we have all gone through similar training, lashing is truly an art and each lash artist has their own unique style. Nancy also offers other services such as brow lamination, lash lift and tints, henna brows, brow extensions and soon threading!

Tasha Byers

Tasha Byers


Tasha was raised in a small town in Alberta. And moved to Kamloops in 2016 after living in a few different areas of B.C.

She is a very creative , kind person with a spunky playful personality. She joined pink with envy in August 2022 and loves being apart of the Pink Family !!! Need to make an appointment ? Have questions or schedule changes ?? Give her a call cause she's our front of salon girl !!!

Anjali Rani

Anjali Rani


Anjali came to kamloops in 2019 from India for higher education. She did a PB diploma in Supply chain management at TRU. She started working as an aesthetician in 2020 and ended up finding a new love and profession in the beauty industry. She loves doing art. She offers threading, waxing, manicures and pedicures with gel polish, lash lift and tint, henna tattoos and facials. Anjali will soon be adding brow lamination and henna brows to her services.

Angela Vecqueray

Angela Vecqueray


Angela has been a nail technician/esthetician since 1998! Born and raised in Vernon/Lumby, moved to the coast for severn years, and now happily calls Kamloops home since June 2022. She excels in artificial nails along with a passion for feet, although she is knowledgable in all aspects of esthetics, nails, and nail art!


Elevate Hair Salon

At ELEVATE SALON, they are focused on providing service to their clients that exceeds expectations. They strive for excellence and build each other up daily as they work together as a team.

Pink with Envy proudly supports Elevate Hair Salon and its products. Visit them by clicking the button below!




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